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What factors cause endocrine disorders in women

2018-04-24 20:48:49

Whether the endocrine is normal is a barometer of women's health or not, and women's endocrine disorders are very harmful to physical and mental health. However, many female friends will encounter the problem of endocrine disorders, in the end what is the cause of female endocrine disorders? Here's a look: physiological factors. The endocrine gland hormones of the human body can keep the physiological balance, but these growth regulators are generally out of whack with age, which is why the younger you are, the less endocrine becomes a topic that bothers us, but as you grow older, you need to give it more attention. Some people's endocrine disorders are inherited. Nutritional factors. To maintain normal physiological functions, the human body must have enough and appropriate nutrition, otherwise, endocrine and other problems will appear one by one. Emotional factors. Psychology is also an important reason. We have to bear pressure from all aspects, which kind of pressure needs to play up the spirit to deal with, it is difficult to relax completely. This state of stress and mood change is reflected in the nervous system, which will cause the secretion of hormones, which is commonly referred to as endocrine disorders. Environmental factors. Serious environmental pollution is responsible for women's endocrine disorders. Some chemicals in the air, after entering the human body through various channels, go through a series of chemical reactions, resulting in endocrine disorders.