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What if the brakes fail?

2018-03-19 22:24:38

The car is composed of many parts, in order to keep your car running normally at any time, we need to do regular maintenance, compared with the problem of oil, lubricating oil and air conditioning system, the problem of brake pads is particularly serious, once the car is driving on the road, but suddenly there is a brake failure, what should be done at this time?




Roadside obstruction


The above Xiaobian has said that regular maintenance of the car can prevent problems before they happen, and the wear parts of brake pads have higher requirements for quality, so when doing maintenance, we must choose genuine big brand brake pads, and we must do regular maintenance and replace the brake oil in time;


If it is driving on the highway, then the brake failure is undoubtedly fatal, most people will become panic, at this time must be calm, first open the double flash to let the rear vehicle know that their car is faulty, in order to have the preparation to avoid, they also have to grip the steering wheel;


Then it is necessary to let the speed down as soon as possible, the manual transmission car can pass step by step downshift and then slow down, the automatic car will not give the oil, you can cooperate with the handbrake to gradually reduce the car speed;


Now many highways on both sides of the sand or gravel and other friction, its purpose is to buffer the car, if the brake failure to find a place with friction, as long as the speed is not too fast, this method can immediately let the car stop, and then wait for rescue on it;


You can also enter the hedge lane, many high-speed sections will have a special hedge lane, usually driving when you should pay attention to this place, in case of emergency, of course, this lane after all need to chance, if you really can not find it, then find a soil slope or haystack and other flexible obstacles hit it, but the prerequisite is that the speed has fallen to a very low case, This is also the most helpless choice!

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