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What problems should be paid attention to in cable laying in cable trench and cable shaft

2018-04-27 12:48:09

1. Preparation before laying (1) Material quality requirements 1. All material specifications, models and voltage levels should meet the design requirements, and there are product certificates. 2. Each axle cable should be marked with cable specifications, models, voltage levels, length and date of release. The cable shaft should be intact. 3. The appearance of the cable is intact, no rust, no mechanical damage, no obvious wrinkle and distortion. Oil-immersed cables should be well sealed without oil leakage. Rubber sheath and plastic cable sheath and insulation layer without aging and cracks. (2) Main construction equipment 1. Electric machinery, cable laying bracket and shaft, cable roller, steering wheel, sling chain, pulley, steel wire rope, hemp rope, jack. 2. Insulated table, tape measure, steel, hammer, wrench, electric welding tools, electrical tools. 3. Radio walkie-talkie (or simple), hand-held loudspeaker (if conditions can be used for multi-function expansion for communication). (3) Operation conditions 1. Civil engineering should meet the following conditions: (1) Reserved holes, embedded parts design requirements, embedded parts firmly installed, strength qualified; (2) The floor and surface work at the cable trench, tunnel, shaft and manhole are completed, and the cable trench is drained smoothly without water; (3) The template and other facilities along the cable have been dismantled. The site is clean, the road is smooth, the ditch cover is complete; (4) The scaffolding for the cable is set up, and it meets the safety requirements, and the lighting illumination along the cable meets the construction requirements; (5) Dig the directly buried cable trench according to the drawing, finish the bricklaying and plastering of the cable well, finish the bottom sand laying, and remove the debris in the trench. The cover plate and sand are transported to the ditch. 2. Equipment installation should meet the following conditions: (1) All electrical equipment and electrical equipment in the power distribution room are installed; (2) The cable bracket and cable through, protection installation is completed, and the inspection is qualified.