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What should I pay attention to when traveling during pregnancy

2018-04-25 03:12:04

All expectant mothers must be prepared before traveling, when flying and during travel. As long as you make adequate preparations, whether it is because of work needs to work or want to go to overseas expectant mothers, you can rest assured to travel!


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Before departure, you must understand the health situation of the destination in case of emergency, before departure, you must understand the health environment of the destination, especially if there is any infectious disease. In 2016, for example, outbreaks of the Zika virus in several parts of the world adversely affected pregnancies, with the possibility of babies being born with microcephaly and other neurological complications. South Asia, Africa and other places where there are many insects, mosquitoes and flies, the health situation there is relatively poor, the incidence of infectious diseases is also high, it is not recommended to go.


Additional protection for Pregnant women in Travel Insurance Normal travel insurance will exempt pregnancy items, such as hospital expenses for premature births. When pregnant women want to enhance the protection when they travel abroad, they can propose to the insurance insurance to add additional protection for pregnant women in the insurance policy of hospitalization items, so as to ensure that premature labor or hospitalization during travel will also have insurance money to cover hospitalization expenses. In addition, pay attention to the contents of the insurance policy, if pregnant women participate in strenuous exercise and cause an accident, the insurance is usually not liable.


If pregnant women inform the airline in advance, they will usually be placed in a wider seat in the first row, so that the expectant mother has more room to move around. When flying, pregnant women especially appear calf venous blood embolism, so be sure to drink more water on the plane to help the body's blood circulation. When the flight is stable and the seat belt is not fastened, pregnant women should stand up and walk around and stretch their feet more often, and do not sit in a chair for a long time. If there is dizziness, dizziness, dizziness and other physical discomfort, it is best to wear a pure oxygen mask and add some oxygen, which can reduce the probability of hypoxia of fetuses and pregnant women.


Seat belts must be used properly when flying How should pregnant women fasten their seat belts? Pregnant women should never buckle the seat belt on the stomach, the correct buckle method is to buckle the bottom of the stomach. In the event of turbulence, the seat belt fastened on the pregnant woman's belly may easily strangle the fetus, causing the placenta to peel off, leading to bleeding and premature delivery. If you don't understand anything, please ask the cabin attendant.


When you are pregnant, the birth test information is more important than your passport, so wherever you travel, make sure you have the birth test information with you. Keep in mind that not every doctor knows English. Therefore, if you travel to China or Taiwan, it is best to ask the doctor to translate the prenatal examination data into Chinese in advance for you to carry with you, in case there is any discomfort when you arrive at the destination, foreign doctors can diagnose and treat your condition faster and more effectively, and also save some more examinations and costs due to unknown conditions. If you plan to go to Japan or South Korea, you can also ask friends who understand Japanese and Korean to help you translate the birth test information in advance.


It is important to follow a healthy pregnancy diet while traveling. Indulging in food is one of the greatest pleasures of travel, but be careful when you're pregnant. While enjoying your meal, remember to eat foods that are healthy for you and your child, eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid sashimi, ice cream, and excessive desserts. If you are unsure about the safety of water in the country you are visiting, drink only bottled water or fruit juice and avoid eating undercooked vegetables.


Avoid high-risk activities at an amusement park. Of course you want to ride roller coasters, pirate ships, and jump planes, but these exciting activities should be avoided. Swimming is a good exercise for pregnant women, you can also snorkel and take part in dives no deeper than 18 meters. However, if diving more than 18 meters deep, the fetus will have "decompression sickness", which is very dangerous. As for surfing, water skiing is not recommended to try. Pregnant women can not soak and sauna, because the hot environment will make pregnant women easily faint, which is dangerous to the pregnant woman and the fetus. During the journey, it is important to avoid overexertion, so as not to cause early uterine contractions, premature labor, miscarriage and other unfortunate phenomena.