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What songs are good for beginners to sing

2018-01-09 01:36:00

Just learning to sing. It is recommended to choose songs that are repetitive and slow in tempo. Because such songs have strong operability :1. You can practice the repeated syllable pronunciation independently; 2. Can play the effect of repeated review unconsciously; 3. Slow rhythm is easy to identify pronunciation and syllables in the content; 4. Songs with slow rhythm and fewer syllables are most suitable for first-time learners to learn pronunciation, nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes; 5. Through the audio, computer, etc., the rhythm is slow, which is conducive to the formation of a short memory in the brain and easy to familiarize with the rhythm; It is because of the first time to learn singing, quite difficult. Songs with a lot of melody are impossible to learn. Therefore, the first study should pay attention to whether the song is simple and whether the rhythm is reciprocating.