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Where is the misunderstanding of jade marketing?

2018-04-27 03:12:09

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Lack of soul in product design Chinese people have always been known for "imitation" in the world, and this is especially highlighted in the jewelry circle. Why is the price war still the brand's mace? Because there are styles in jewelry A, there are often styles in jewelry B. If the brand awareness is similar, and the things are the same, it must be who is cheaper who has the advantage. In fact, the real problem of the whole jewelry industry is nothing more than two points: product positioning problems, product design problems.


The chain mode to be explored is the business mode that every enterprise yearned for, because the direct operation can control the product portfolio, master the price initiative, ensure the quality of service, and ensure the effective execution of brand strategy. But can the direct model really be big? This is worth thinking about!