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2018-03-17 00:00:00

If some friends choose to go in March, I do not approve, especially in the rain, I do not approve. But if there is no way, since you can only enjoy the drizzle in March, you can only bring one more dress and prepare an umbrella, because it is really cold on the side.


There are high-speed trains


Free admission


Very wide ah, no wonder there are ancient clouds on the heaven under the ten scenes, everyone knows, it is not to say. Qu Yuan wind, March to see no lotus, even lotus leaves are not, so the mood is estimated to be much less. The willow waves heard the warbler, the willow at this time did not sprout, bare, fortunately, even if the willow branches did not have leaves, but also because of its fine and long do not lose beauty.


However, the charm is still in, especially in the far view, the boats on the lake are floating, the willow branches are shaking with the wind, the water is covered with fine lines, and the outline of the mountain overlooking is still amazing, the heart is surrounded by mountains and rivers, which is what kind of pleasant and elegant ah.


Walk on a day, can not finish, however, Su Causi is a careful walk, perhaps just read Mr. Lin Yutang's "Su biography" it is inevitable that this person is a little sentimental.


Broken bridge snow, in fact, there is a big gap between the broken bridge and the imagination, but if you are interested, you can go to Xiling Seal Society. All the way down the mountain, not anxious not slow, the mood will feel very peaceful. The surrounding buildings are also very distinctive, are some good rooms that burn money, can not live in them, and it is also possible to feast your eyes.


Looking for Lingyin Temple to Lingyin Temple, I am very toss, because of the rain, and did not sit on the right car, so, has been on foot, but also passed some tea garden son of Longjing, interesting. With a map, have been walking, but also through a long tunnel, if you are a person do not follow me, I feel a little dangerous.


I met some on the way. I liked them. However, when approaching Lingyin Temple, a bus stop sign made me happy for a while, because this station is called immediately turn back.


Not far away from the farm, there are many maple trees on the roadside, in a different season, this scenery is bound to be very beautiful.


Lingyin Temple to Lingyin Temple, it seems to have spent about 40 yuan, maybe it is off-season. But even so, there are still many people here, especially many believers who come in groups. The scenery of Lingyin Temple is not bad. Originally wanted to go in to burn incense and make a wish, influenced by Ji Gong. However, due to the lack of money, I can only give up, climb the top of the mountain and walk down, or very tired.


This page is based on experience


In general, it is recommended not to go in March, for the lotus season or maple leaf red season, it is estimated that it will really be beautiful like a fairyland on earth.


The street lamp is very classical, I like it very much. You can actually take a closer look at these little things or streets in the city.