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Why do you feel so exhausted?

2018-04-24 17:36:06

If you don't have intense physical exertion and often feel tired, it may be due to some kind of illness. Vitamin deficiency, iron, diabetes, fibromyalgia, side effects of drugs, we have to look for its origin. Please read the following tips:

Possible causes of fatigue

Age affects When we rest, the body "loads up on batteries" and repairs tissues. But over the years, the body's own wear and tear makes this process less efficient. Therefore, as you get older, it takes more time to regain energy during breaks.


Your mind may be deceiving you If you have a lot of responsibilities, you may be thinking about how difficult your day will be. But keep in mind that if the brain detects excessive stress, it sends signals to the body to reduce performance and save energy. Therefore, your own perception of overload can make your mind tired of commands.


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Vitamins are responsible for regulating many biological processes. Maybe your diet is not completely balanced, causing your body to not get the necessary vitamins.


The reason you may not notice your fatigue may be because you are taking some medications that may have side effects of sleepiness or fatigue. Keep in mind that allergic antihistamines and antihypertensives that regulate blood pressure can have these effects. The effects of sedatives and antidepressants, which work by pressing and slowing down the body's function, can also sometimes cause fatigue.

Related conditions that may cause fatigue

Fatigue occurs if the blood is unevenly distributed due to insufficient heart function or cholesterol (which promotes hardening of the arteries) or changes in tone.


During poor sleep quality, your body tissues are repaired and your body reduces its metabolism to save energy. However, your sleep is insufficient, your body is not repaired, and the energy consumed is not replenished in time, so you will feel tired.

Matters needing attention

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