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You can succeed, too

2018-01-05 14:24:00

How to make money quickly through the Internet? Subvert your traditional thinking and concepts, I will use a large number of cases to tell you, how to make money through the network? The main thing is that success can be achieved through this case




Internet thinking


How to make money quickly through the Internet? In this section, we will first talk about subverting your conventional thinking and ideas. Then I will show you how to make money through the Internet with lots of examples. The most important thing is that through this case, you can find yourself around a lot of opportunities to make money, so you follow what we say to do, quickly to operate can make money, in the second part, we will talk about, how to make money in practice plan? To make money, because you have a lot of ideas, you have no plan to carry out to make money, then everything is empty talk, we only do a good job to make money in our plan, and then according to the plan to execute difficult, then we are easy to succeed, the third part, how to optimize our advertising? Settings. In this course, you're going to talk about optimizing Settings, and hands-on experience, and that's going to tell you where the breakthroughs are. This simple and effective way, as long as you follow the number of your account Settings I said to optimize your AD performance more than three times, the fourth part, you will learn how to monitor the impact of ears, I show you how to use this tool to monitor the conversion of different keywords, etc., and then by monitoring the impact of children, and then sell to us to continuously improve Our ads are good, so let's start with the first part of how to make money quickly online. Making money, making money, must first change our minds, because 80% of the traditional thinking is wrong, making money online, which together, so the Internet mainstream media reports he will always need more false stories inside inaccessible, even every year the Internet circle, as a concept, too much business through the concept of the Internet, such as fire, two thousand five blog blog everyone does Two hundred and six flames do classified information in two thousand seven, online video fire video site done in two thousand eight,Facebook sr two hundred and nine fire alive, all the houses are doing one year after another wave of a concept, but you see the past five years have passed, so I also feel.


We want to make money must change the concept of money, must get rid of the traditional influence on this wrong idea, you really make money on the Internet is very, very simple, but these are the most money is very low-key, he can not open his own way, some methods are too simple, is to record that we have to reverse thinking is with our traditional thinking, then you need to learn a word, by the way I think you always think that things like this will become very easy, and so will staying awake. Most people, they are wrong, if you don't understand that you want to make it very easy, so we have to change our thinking concept, it's hard to make money, we think it's hard to make money, think money is really simple, you think money is very simple, it's hard for you to make money, you can't, don't believe you can see the people around you, those money, they work very hard, but very hard Less money, and those who think money is easier, they work very easy, but very profitable, that is why, in fact there is a secret of psychology, the secret is very simple, you can recall that you did not have this phenomenon when you were in school, but you are really a lesson that is easy to preview and learn. When you find it hard, you won't learn anyway. Why, actually make money as a learning course, other things are the same, you find it easy, difficult you think is very difficult, but what is the principle of it, I will tell you, I this person is somewhat interesting, a subjective consciousness, a person's subconscious mind, if we put our subjective consciousness to explain the habit, so this phenomenon is explained because in our subconscious mind By our habit, we don't need to think too much about the same walking, walking is good, money and ability, so the subconscious mind is very stupid, you often suggest to believe you, if you think it is very difficult recently, you can't do it very well, but you must do it, and the result is that you have to contradict yourself according to your actions will be reasonable, the reason is small, you are hard to do it, it is difficult Success. So you don't understand, you chose me... If you are a rich man, it may be easy to make money, because we make money easily, subjective consciousness is also very easy, so, I believe, as long as there is confidence, very good, so easy to make money, you must first change your mind, otherwise it is easy to make money, he becomes very simple, this is a psychological problem, but we just need to change our mind, other things are a good thing The change is a very important method, and all things are very simple, but you do not understand the road for the time being, so we will not say that it is very difficult in the future, we must say that it is easy and easy, support you, do not understand the road for the time being, Through my way to understand how to make money You learn today after I said these methods, you will feel too easy to make money, well, learn to use mentality, methods and means of making money online, but before that, friends, forget all the concepts, it is easier to make money, how much is very simple, I put all the Internet expert methods, summed up in the first is selling these three services, me Our consulting services, such as website design services, etc. We do a lot of services belong to work, physical, or sell services, sell services, what are the characteristics, as long as you have the ability, you can sell services to make money, but there are still shortcomings, stop the service, no money to make, so we sell services must go high-end. High-end can make money, we do consulting, we do large customers of small customers can not make money, I in 2003 most of the su service time to that year to do more than 100 customers, tired to death, can not make money, why? Because the profit is less, then two thousand five sales can not, the terrible big customer service fee, every summer vacation to earn more money than in the past two years, so we sell service high-end or our class we regulate service conversion can also do so much, this kind of selling products, whether physical training products, their products and other products, as long as sell the most money selling advertising materials, advertising push Selling advertising, selling advertising is skillful, we follow the following reverse thinking to buy advertising will reverse sell advertising to make money your thinking, enlightening ah, selling advertising to make money is very easy.


Product or sales advertising, he can not escape is forgotten is the core of marketing, as long as we do not lack of customers are not short of money, of course if faster for customers, marketing is about us behind, this marketing way to add advertising, will some customers the next day, so very professional very simple, we only need a product service and advertising, and then sell the money comes, it is so simple, Sell to money, so we don't play with all kinds of concepts, just focus on what you think, you are selling what sells the most money, this is the essence of business is very simple, although very simple, but many people let the Internet forget this essence, so they do very tired, life more serious very hard. As hard as you feel to make money, give you what to do, sell what products or services to sell advertising, we will sell products with high profits, small carp big market, China has 800 million Internet users, now any small area of our Internet is a super huge market, now there is a lot of violence and we keep it easier to succeed, actually many people are selling very well, but money Not much, the reason is that the profit of the products he chose is too thin, so they will come to me, my friend opened for two years, can sell five or six singles a day, at least can sell control, control a day, but he only earns a few thousand yuan a month, which is very small. When I look at their products, one or two pieces have the highest profit, and ten or so pieces have very low profit, how can they make a lot of money? Analysis, I said if you sell to me the idea is also that you can easily make three million and one day a year, so I'll tell you an idea that allows you to make three million and one day a year more than a million dollars, exactly what to do with this idea, what does it mean to make a hundred phenomenon, if you only think about how to make a million, if nothing has been done, all you can think about is trying to make money, but you Must be according to our idea, become very easy, you think if we sell each product with a profit of more than 500 yuan a lot, you may be unexpected now, but later you around the future a profit of more than 500 yuan of products and services, so we only need to sell 10 orders a day, which is 5000 yuan, 5000 a day, 10 days 5 w, how much is that a year you can imagine, my profit is 150 W a year, What is the profit, call my friend, he can sell at least five to ten single rooms a day in thousands of dollars a month a little poor material package, if it is 560 years of products also millions a year, it is so simple, but you can want to profit, each in more than 500 yuan of products and services, next will say that this is our core today, the first service content field of violence The benefit industry, first in special skills, is basically Poly kindergarten's work is charged by our normal thousands of dollars, modern society thousands of dollars, if you want customers such as plastic surgery and beauty month at least tens of thousands of dollars, there are also thousands of customers. Oh, I'm sorry, quota allocation training online promotion and so on and so on, we have many, many I suggest using a large number of cases to motivate you, you will find that you are around too many violent service industry, currently on the Internet products profiteering products are divided into five categories, the first man lecher, the second woman loves the third old man healthy, the fourth child is smart, enterprises make money, Then women love beauty, you can see just do not want to lose weight, whitening, do according to a single product on the Internet last year's sales of billions of weight loss, but many of my students inside some friends in selling weight loss drugs, millions of a year too much, is to leave a year sales of 100 million selling weight loss products, which is a profiteering industry. The third selling advertising, in fact, the more violent advertising in terms of money, advertising is mainly contained in a fixed future understanding of the framework behind the relatively violent things, very, very much, as long as we choose the most suitable for us, it is very easy to sell hundreds of things, first we sell service services in two categories, the first selling service mainly sells the difference between services, but we have Many people start by selling their own service theory, the first job is our own service, so many people work, don't want to work, go to buy their own service, and mentor [] sharing

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