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Zte Memo 5S(V5S) Mobile version get Root tutorial

2018-04-25 08:00:53

What does ROOT mean? Small series would like to be divided into two kinds of introduction: 1, from the professional terms: ROOT is a computer term that exists in UNIX systems (such as AIX, BSD, etc.) and Unix-like systems (such as Linux distributions such as Debian, Redhat, Ubuntu, and Android systems). Equivalent to the Administrator in the Windows system, that is, the super manager. Android is based on Linux development, ROOT is the only super user in the Linux system, which is the nerve center, also means "Root", is the highest permission in the system, the highest permission obtained by root is different from the highest permission in Windows, in the Windows system, The System user has the highest rights, while the manager has the rights to manage hardware, software, and other users at most, but not the system itself, such as modifying and deleting system files. But in Linux, the Root user can format the entire disk because they have absolute control over the entire system. 2, from the common statement: ROOT is the supreme commander of the system, it can access and modify almost all of your files, such as starting or stopping a process, deleting or adding users, adding or disabling hardware and so on. Simply put, as long as your Root permission is successfully obtained, you can perform any operation, you can delete the system you do not want to use the software, you can modify the game points and gold coins, and even replace the system. With all that said, aren't you dying to get access to the "ROOT helper"? Xiao Bian believes that there are still some need to declare with you, ROOT is a double-edged sword, can let you free hand, at the same time will bring certain risks to your use, mistakenly delete system files will make your system unstable or even crash, manufacturers will not give warranty. To sum up, everyone in the pursuit of ROOT after the pleasure, business in order to protect users, limit ROOT permissions also have his reasons, if you are Android system white, Xiaobian do not recommend you to get ROOT permissions, if you like to throw around, dream of becoming a geek, willing to bear the risk after ROOT, It is recommended to use the "ROOT assistant" to easily get your ROOT permission with one click.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


Brush into Recovery1. On the computer, open the "one-click brush into Recovery.bat" file in the folder you just extracted


3. Log in to the third-party Recovery as prompted in the DOS window


The system automatically restarts and enters the Bootloader mode


4. If the driver is restarted, the load is successful. Otherwise, check whether the driver is normal and try the previous steps again

Matters needing attention

1. Complete shutdown (quick restart after shutdown)


2. Press and hold down the Volume Up button + Volume Down button + Power button at the same time to enter the Recovery mode after a few seconds


3. Enter the Rec and select Select Swipe Pack from SD Card.


4. Then select Select a ZIP format swipe pack from SD Card


5. Select the file that you just downloaded and confirm the login


6. Select "Restart Device" to boot up